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I bought a set of Pro Mag Gold's a few months ago and love them. They are very comfortable with leather ears seals-I like them more the vinyl kind. When I go to the range I can hear everything that is being said and my surroundings but the Pro Ears electronics compress all the loud gunfire sounds, I still hear the gunfire but at a much lower level. My old pair just clipped off and on off and on each time me or someone else fired. I have even accidentally left them on after I left the range but the automatic shut off feature saved the batteries. I think they work great and they are made in the USA. My pair have a 5 year warranty too.I called the factory to ask about an accessory item, the belt clip, and they were really nice and helpful. I would give them 5 stars!


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Get 10% Off on Pro Ears.Amazing. You can practically hear a pin drop while stifling range noise. Women’s voices come through perfectly.