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10% Off 19 Elite Home Fondue Fountain

Get 10% Off 4lb box of Chocolate OR 10% Off 19 Elite Home Fondue Fountain. Pour the perfectly melted chocolate into a fondue fountain or fondue pot. Reviews

this is amazing, high quality chocolate. I've never found a better brand. The key is to melt the chocolate on half power in the microwave before putting it in the chocolate fountain. As you are melting, take the chocolate out in intervals and squeeze the bag to ensure there are no chunks remaining. (It may take a little longer than the recommended time, so just add on 30 seconds at a time.). It's important to realize that chocolate fountains have sufficient heat to keep melted chocolate in liquid form, but not melt it (which makes sense, otherwise you would burn it…). You will never get it to work if you try to melt it in a chocolate fountain or fondue maker directly.I always find that I end up with extra chocolate, so instead of wasting it when I rinse out the chocolate fountain, I scoop the melted chocolate and spread it out on waxed paper and then freeze it in thin sheets. Makes a very yummy leftover!!


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