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Get 15% off on all orders. Worth Ave paid the claim quickly and fairly within days I had a check & purchased a new laptop, unlike other insurance companies who send refurbished replacements.

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I have a teenager and live in the US and when shopping for her iphone insurance several years ago i read some good reviews and some negatives as with everything on the internet. I decided to lean with the positive and I must say that it has been very positive and 5 stars. We have had 3 incidents over several years and they continue to allow us to renew. We had 2 broken screens and a full water damage. You follow the process, and they pay and they pay quickly if you follow the procedures. It has always been that simple. Now we have fortunately not had one stolen, and that process and rules are more defined and need to be followed and respected for valid reasons because there are a lot of abusers out there and take advantage of any loopholes. Read, understand and follow the rules about filing police reports and I am confident that worthave will treat your accidents as they have treated mine. Also search for a coupon code to shave 15% off as they are always on the internet.
Customer care people always seem to be US based and helpful and that's a big plus instead of the “I'm so sorry,” And “I understand” but “F U” response I get from other country support services and you know which ones I'm talking about.


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